Golf and Sports Massage

Main Line Massage Therapy, Golf and Sports Massage Of all sports, golf may seem like the least likely to need sports massage therapy.

After all, there is not a lot of running or contact in golf that you find in other sports. But, as any one who has played the sport can tell you, golf can be an incredibly draining sport, both mentally and physically. This, along with other factors, makes golf players perfect candidates for professional sports massage therapy.

Golfers can benefit especially from sports massage therapy as they use a lot of muscles, while standing in awkward positions, in order to strike the small golf ball.

Because the muscles used to swing are so different from the ones we use everyday, it’s easy to strain muscles or generally feel sore following shot after shot on the links. Moreover, because golfers are generally middle-aged or older, they can be more prone to injury and pain from pre-existing conditions.

Whether an irregular player who generally tees up only while on vacation, or a more regular player who lives and breathes the game, any golfer can benefit from sports massage therapy. Our sports massage therapists can provide pre-game massages that will warm up your muscles to ensure comfort and flexibility that will improve your chances of having a pain-free round.

Post-event massages, meanwhile, will increase circulation and encourage muscle recovery, lessening you and your teams’ chances of injury and soreness between matches at a tournament or rounds during vacation.

Our sports massage therapists are licensed, certified and professional, and come specifically trained in sports massage therapy. This means they mix massage therapy modalities to match your specific needs based on the way you play. They provide deep tissue and general sports massage to rid muscles of tension and stiffness, as well as use trigger point and neuromuscular therapy to improve flexibility and range of motion. This leads to an increase in the body’s circulation and the drainage of metabolic waste, allowing for muscle relaxation, increased mobility, a general reduction of stress and fatigue, and an improvement in overall health.

So whether you are looking to keep your golf team strong during training and competition, or just looking for a boost before or after a long day at the links, contact us and start realizing the benefits of sports massage therapy. Our sports massage therapists can help warm players up, cool them down, and focus on any injured or stressed areas (such as the lower back, shoulders, knees, and other commonly-injured areas).


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