EASE-UP’s muscle therapists use a variety of bodywork modalities designed to help clients relieve and eliminate soreness and pain caused by soft tissue dysfunctions. The techniques used by EASE-UP’s therapist are safe and extremely effective for treating a variety of soft tissue problems including:


Soft Tissue Release consists of assisting the client to stretch a specific muscle while the therapist applies compression to the muscle that is being stretched. Soft Tissue Release is extremely effective in eliminating pain caused by soft tissue dysfunction and the client usually experiences improvement after the first session. The goal of Soft Tissue Release is help to restore the body to function pain free.


Neuromuscular Therapy is a deep soft tissue massage that focuses on treating hyper constricted muscles that compresses blood vessels and entraps nerves which are the major causes of acute and chronic pain and circulatory problems. Neuromuscular Therapy uses posture analysis and muscle tone to help determine what specific muscles are to be treated. This therapy has a high success rate in helping clients to alleviate pain on a long time basis.


A highly effective and successful bodywork session that focuses on treating specific areas of soft tissue restriction and dysfunctions. Each session includes a combination of various bodywork modalities such as Soft Tissue Release, Neuromuscular Therapy, Movement Reeducation exercise, Craniosacral, Muscle Energy Technique and Active Isolated Stretching with deep tissue massage. Specific Movement Reeducation, and Active Isolated Stretching exercises are also demonstrated in each session to help the client to continue the recovery process after the session.


Hot stone massage is a combination of bodywork and thermo-therapy that involves using heated stones in conjunction with deep tissue therapeutic massage. In this modality, round, smooth stones are heated to a luxurious warmth and used in the palms of the therapist’s hands to massage the body. The heated stones are variety of sizes for use on different areas of the body. The deep penetrating heat from the stones combined with their weight allow knotted, tight muscle to release and relax with minimal resistance. This provides logistical relief to stiff, sore and aching muscles.


Swedish Massage is one of the most basic techniques that are taught to professional massage therapists. The focus of Swedish massage is general relaxation, stimulation of circulation, enhancing muscle tone and is also therapeutic in reducing muscle tightness.  The basic techniques of Swedish massage are Effleurage, Pettrissage, Tapotement, Vibration, nerve strokes and Swedish gymnastics.


Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) is one of the best kept secrets to attaining and maintaining a flexible and pain free body. AIS is a specific method of stretching and lengthening tight and constricted muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia. Besides being highly effective in improving flexibility, decreasing sports and repetitive injuries, and enhancing athletic performance; Active Isolated Stretching is great stretching program that can be easily taught to clients in order for them to maintain their flexibility and have pain free bodies.


Forearm fusion provides clients with a remarkably deep (if requested) but also very flowing and notably relaxing massage


Repetitive Stress Syndrome massage therapy consist of specific and effective treatment of the muscles of the arm to prevents or treat various repetitive stress injuries. Stretching and strengthening exercises are taught to clients to attain muscle balance of the muscles in arm and hand.


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