Hi Joseph,

I just wanted to write you quickly to thank you for helping me yesterday. It’s amazing, this morning was the first morning that i didn’t wake up with my jaw feeling like it was sealed shut. I can actually feel where it’s tight now, instead of just feeling pain. It’s remarkable. I look forward to continued progress!!

Enjoy your weekend, Lisa

Joseph A. Myshko
West Goshen, PA

Joseph Eagle, CMT
Rosemont Plaza
Suite 15-G
1062 Lancaster Ave.
Rosemont, PA 19010

Dear Joseph,

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how important you and Ease-Up have been to me. Before I came to you, I was suffering from debilitating headaches that were so unbearable, I would miss work for weeks at a time. Even my neurologist could do nothing but drug me to offer relief. After a half a dozen sessions with you, we were able to characterize 6 different types of headaches and most, if not all of the triggers. Your methods of cranial manipulation seemed silly at first to an engineering minded guy like myself but, you were able to explain how the different skeletal bones and muscles interacted with the nervous system. Even better, it works! Within, four sessions, I no longer had a gray color to my complexion and I was able to sleep and work on a regular basis. Five of the six types of headaches have not returned and the sixth type, migraines, have been manageable only because of your help. Rarely do I lose a day of work because of a headache.

Joseph, you are a wonder! You coached me through managing the many stresses in my life, including Y2K, a mentally ill wife, single parenthood and now the raising of teenagers. God has blessed you with amazing skills and an empathy for feeling the pain that others carry. More especially you have the unique ability to seek out that pain and eradicate it. I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for me.

Blessings to you and you lovely wife Annmarie.
Joseph A. Myshko

Clare Mackie
Commercial actress, singer
Haverford, PA

When I heard about “EASE-UP”, and Joseph Eagle’s deep muscle massage therapy, I half-heartedly made an appointment, thinking it was worth a try, but would most likely be just one more treatment that doesn’t work.

Over a two year period, I had already seen 2 general practitioners, allergists, rheumatologists, neurologists, osteopaths, and chiropractors. I had been through 3 EKGs, x-rays, cat scans, blood test, hot/cold wraps, PT, traction, and neck “corrections”. I even had a series of “gun”-fired acupuncture needle treatments that were so painful that Actiq was required just to get through them and I was incapacitated for two days each week. I thought to myself, “Well, at least massage won’t make me hurt worst than I already do.”

My hands had been getting more and more painful. They were swollen and burning, and I could not sleep at night. I could no longer play the piano, hold music in front of me to sing, turn doorknobs, or hold a toothbrush, let alone do yoga or ride a bike. I was virtually crippled, but none of the doctors could find a cause. One doctor diagnosed Fibromyalgia, but most thought there was “nothing wrong” with me.

After one treatment with Joseph, I felt better, and began to have hope that I might regain the use of my hands. After several sessions, the swelling and pain were considerably improved, and now I can do almost everything I used to do; only one finger remains affected and I am confident that it will improve with continued treatment.

Joseph has helped me in three important ways:

Physically, his deep muscle massage and the stretching of the affected muscles has brought tremendous relief from pain and has allowed me the use of my hands. His assessment of what was causing the pain and his knowledge of what to do about it has given me absolute confidence in his ability to help me.

Intellectually, Joseph has explained why I had become dysfunctional and showed specific exercises to do at home to stretch and rebuild the painful muscles. He involved me in the active re-training of my brain, while my mind was telling me I could no longer do certain things with my hands, Joseph was stretching the muscles and showing me that I COULD do things, and without pain.

Psychologically, because I felt increasing agility with each session, I began to thing positively about the possibility of being able to resume the activities I enjoy, and Joseph’s constant encouragement, reminding me of how far I had come each week, was tremendously helpful in getting my life back.

When I think of how far I have come, in getting rid of the pain and in learning how to keep myself pain-free for the rest of my life, I can only think how fortunate I am to have found “EASE-UP” and Joseph Eagle. I recommend him to everyone I know.

Clare Mackie

Anita Pitcavage
Omega Group Inc.
937 Haverford Rd.
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010


Here’s my testimonial…from the heart!

I am a pianist and sometimes need to be at the piano for 2-3 hours at a time. I�ve had back problems for most of my life and would usually develop extreme discomfort in my neck and shoulders after being at the piano for 45 minutes to an hour. I have been working with Ease-Up for almost a year, and for the past six months, have been able to sit at the piano for more than an hour without experiencing pain in my neck and shoulders. I am convinced that Joe locates and neutralizes my trouble spots before they have a chance to impact my daily activities. I am finally free to experience one of my greatest joys ­ making music ­ pain-free!


Mary Kubach

Dear Joseph,

When I called you a week ago I was in terrible pain. I had exhausted what I thought were all my options, a chiropractor and some heavy duty pain medication; nothing helped until I had one of your muscle therapy treatments. You’re a miracle worker to me.

I know you stayed late to help me and I’m so grateful.

Thank you Joseph!

Very sincerely,
Mary Kubach