Muscle Pulls

pulled muscle painA pulled muscle is a pulling of fibers causing you to lose your range of motion where the muscle is located.

Overextended use over time as well as not warming up before a sports activity will cause your muscles to stretch past their ability. Sudden trauma, such as an accident, can also cause a muscle pull.

Just sitting in front of a computer with poor posture can cause a muscle pull. Or a sports enthusiasts playing without proper form can cause the muscles to tighten to the extent that simply picking up a carton of milk can cause a muscle to pull.

When untreated, your circulation is inhibited and cell waste start to build up, aggravating the pulled muscle.

Sometimes you will feel the muscle pull when you lift something too heavy or try a sport activity you did not warm up for.

Other times, the stress of poor working conditions whether you job is physical or at a desk, can cause you to contort your body in such a way as to put repeated stress on your muscles until they becomes pent up.

Deep tissue massage is more effective in treating your pulled and strained muscles than medications and physical therapy. First, we support your muscles by helping them loosen up and this will ease the pain and inflammation. This increases blood flow delivering healing oxygen to your tissues. Then we protect your muscles by helping them achieve the flexibility you need to prevent injuries in the future by teaching mild exercises you can do at home to continue to heal and strengthen your muscles.

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