Total Body Clinic

February 9, 2013. 10:30am-1:30pm.

The Total Body Clinic is a integrated program that symmetrically combines body work and corrective exercises that thoroughly addresses the underlying causes of various neuromuscular dysfunctions.

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You Can Attain and Maintain a Pain Free Life.
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Determine your flexibility, core strength, and neuromuscular control. Assesses what muscles are and over active and under active. Helps to develop an effective plan that will:

• Enhance your athletic performance
• Reduce sport-related injuries
• Prevent pre-mature aging
• Improve the quality of your daily actives


Based on information from the assessments the muscle therapist will integrate body work and fitness training that will:

• Release the adhesions in your tight and over active muscles
• Lengthen your tight and over constricted muscles, and
• Strengthen your weak and under active muscles.


You will be shown how to do targeted and specific foam rolling, stretching, movement re-education, and strengthening exercises that you can incorporate into your daily exercise routine that will help you to:

• Attain and retain structural balance & pain-free movement

Whether you’re an athlete who wants to recover from a sports related injury or one who wants to avoid becoming injured, EASE-UP’S muscle therapists are well trained to help you attain and maintain a pain-free life.

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