How To Treat Neck Pain

 There are many causes for neck pain and a pinched nerve can cause massive discomfort.

How To Treat Neck PainCervicogenic Headaches

A headache that arises from the musculo-skeletal disorder of the cervical spine  (the

Neck Pain, Heachaches and TMJ

Neck Pain, Heachaches and TMJ

neck) is called a cervicogenic headache.   If you are diagnosed with this, then you are not alone.  This is estimated to be as high as 18% in the general population. In chronic pain suffers, 1 in 3 people are estimated to suffer from a headache that was from neck pain or cervicogenic in nature.  Cervicogenic headaches are said to account for 14% of all headache disorders.

How To Treat Neck Pain – Why It Cause Headaches

If you understand the anatomy of the skull, head and neck can explain the connection between headaches and neck pain.   The nerves that supply the upper neck also supply the jaw line, forehead, back of the eyes and ears.  Pain arising from the upper part of the neck might refer pain to the front of the head as well.

 How To Treat Neck Pain – Common Symptoms

Some of the symptoms can include: dizziness, decreased concentration, depression, inability to function normally, neck pain and stiffness, less mobility in the neck and insomnia.

Poor posture such as sitting at a computer all day long and having your posture be in the forward

How To Treat Neck PainProper Sleeping Positions 

When you sleep in the proper position that helps to correct cervical spine imbalances.  You put your knees in fetal position which relaxes the stomach muscles.  The vertebrae in the back open up which is the best way to sleep on your side.

When you sleep on your stomach, that compresses your internal organs and it stresses your lower back.  You need to be on your side or on your back.  When you use a specially designed cervical pillow that allows you to stabilize the neck area whether you are on your back or your side.

You can also put a rolled towel under the arch of your neck and then just start to tuck your chin back by retracting your head back into the towel. You can do chin tucks a few times in the morning and in the evening.

How To Treat Neck Pain – Exercises and Stretches

Another movement to do is to scapula movements called shoulder squeezes.   Most people that have neck pain have poor posture and their shoulders start to cave in since their shoulder muscles are weak. While you are sitting at your desk you can just squeeze your shoulders back together.  Make sure your shoulders don’t go up as you do this.  Keep your eyes level as you do this. Keep your shoulders down and then squeeze them back together.  If your shoulders come up you won’t get the maximum benefit of the pose. You can do this movement while you are at your desk to relieve pain and tightness in the neck.  You want to do this movement at least ten times a few times a day.

Another pose you can do is to find a corner that is open.  Facing the corner raise your arms like the arms of a cactus.  This will open up the upper quadrant of the body such as tight shoulders which often contribute to neck pain.